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I stepped through a nether portal and now I'm stuck. Someone blocked the other side so I can't exit the portal. I'm stuck in the animation loop and can't even type /home. It's on claimed land so I can't break any blocks to get out.

Also, is there a way to prevent this? The portal I made in my house and the one I'm stuck in both go to the same portal in the nether. I was hoping I'd end up back home, not caught in someone's silly trap.
Posted Nov 22, 17 · OP · Last edited Nov 22, 17
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I've deleted your player file so if you log back in you'll be at spawn. Get with me in-game and I'll fix the portal trap issue. As far as prevention Mojang was asked for a solution to this problem in 2012 and they've never responded or taken action. I always tell ppl never to block their portals for this reason. This is the first time it's happened on my server but I've definitely heard of it many times. In the future you can pm me directly and I'll get a notification which will result in a quicker response.
Btw, there is a trick to get out of a portal trap. The nausea effect that prevents typing is actually client-side. If you log in with minechat or similar phone client it will send the command to tp you to spawn.
Get with me in-game and I'll give you some resources to help you get started since you've had such a difficult time.
Posted Nov 25, 17
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