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Plugin ideas?

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I'm currently looking for plugin ideas. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to pm me, or post 'em here.

I'm specifically looking for plugins that would fit well on Merchant Villages, but I'll also take ideas that wouldn't.

I look forward to seeing your ideas. I will of course give credit where credit is due.

PS: Father feel free to move this post if its in the wrong section. I wasn't sure where to put it.
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Posted Jul 11, 16 · OP
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You asked...

Allows one player to start a vote to mute a player. All other players then vote yes or no.
- Configurable option to determine if vote decision is based on %PlayersOnline%/%VotesYes% or %TotalVotes%/%VotesYes%.
- Perm for staff to tempmute (but not perm mute) with configurable max mute time.
- Perm for staff to perm mute.
- Perm to be notified on connect if an online player is muted and to be notified when a muted player connects.

This would allow a player to switch between survival mode and staff mode.
- Turn god,fly on/off when switching modes.
- Save and swap inventories between staff and survival modes.
- Be added to a permissions group when switching to staff mode, or a list of perms added. -Vault.
(Example: PurtyBird115 is in survival and types /staffmode. PurttyBird115 then gets a different inventory, god and fly modes are turned on and is added to a perm group which has mcmmo perms nulled. Purtty then types /staffmode and gets their survival inventory back, god and fly are disabled and they are removed from the group and can use mcmmo perks again.)

Allow a player to choose the profession and career of the villager spawned from a villager spawn egg (optionally age too).

Allow a player to change their nick but requiring them to make the first 3 letters the same as their IGN.
- BobTheGoof can change his name to BobTheAnything but not AnythingBob.
- Ingore color and formatting codes. &1B&2o&3B&5Rainbow works.
- Definitely advisable to change nick via console command so as to allow each server's nick plugin to actually do the nicking.
- Be sure to limit to 15 characters excluding formatting/color codes. (Remember what I did to your server.)
Posted Jul 21, 16 · Last edited Jul 21, 16
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