Minecraft Username TzurPlayz
Accounts appealing for: TzurPlayz , SophieXO.
Ban reason: Inappropriate behavior.
Do you admit to doing the action that has lead to your ban? Yes.
Why should we unban you?
I think that you should unban me from Merchant Villages because I have said sorry for what I have done.
I was also in a bad mood at the same time, which affected my reactions and actions.
In my opinion,(doesn't matter too much, I suppose) the action that I have done should not have lead to such a punishment, and my past actions, which occurred about 2-4 years ago, should not have affected me such a huge gap of time after being done. (Griefing, lying, hacking, etc). Even in countries such as America, rule-breakers are not able to be punished for their past actions, if 3 years have passed since the action has been done.
I am also not going to repeat my bad actions.
In this opportunity, I would like to say sorry to all of the people that I have hurt while doing my actions, even if you don't trust that this is a real 'sorry', and not just one to get unbanned with.

Sorry Merchant Villages staff team.