Here's a few useful bits of info about Merchant Villages that you might find helpful. Feel free to ask any staff for details on any of these subjects.

- Type /info links for a list of useful links including Discord and our world map.
- Everyone gets a pet sheep. It can be a lamb or adult and any color. Make a lamb an adult by holding a water bottle and shift-click the lamb.
- You can get double rewards for voting. When you /vote you will get some in-game rewards directly in your inventory. Also if you follow the instructions here the instructions here to add your character to the enjin website you will earn credits to spend in the Vote Market.Vote Market.
- If you would like a dragon battle and to explore for end cities I will create one for you. You can explore it for up to a full day. Also you can request this once per day. The original end is beaten and has homes and farms so it is never reset and the dragon is not respawned there.
- We offer terraforming. E1 per 10 blocks changed. Only basic landscaping, no building. We'll flatten, add dirt, stone, sand, remove hills, etc.
- We offer moving services. Any build can be moved for E50 flat fee.
- We have a spawner moving service. Spawners can be moved for a fee of E500. This can allow you to stack spawners inside grinders. If you wish to move your grinder later only the E50 moving fee applies.
- Stand in your region and type /rg i to see info on your region includind who has perms. Remember owners can ask for ppl to be added; members cannot.
- You can add this mod,, then stand in your region and type /rg s and visibly see where your region boundaries are.
- We have a plugin that allows you to edit armorstands. You can position them, dress them, make them invisible and much more. Simply hold a piece of flint and right-click it in the open air. This will open a gui menu. Make your choices there then close it with e and click the armor stand to apply it. This takes a bit of practice but can be a lot of fun.
- We have a horse protection and management plugin called Stables. You can type /stables for a list of commands. The best aspect is that once you name a horse with a nametag you own it. It is protected from other players and there are many other useful features such as the ability to summon it to you.
- You can rename any item simply by holding it and typing /rename. You include color and formatting codes for color, bolt, italic names.
- At spawn you will find a building labeled "Recipe Building". In it are a variety of recipes that have been added to this server's game. You will see that you can craft everything from saddles and nametags to villager eggs.
- We have many minigames available. Everything from parkour and hunger games to an awesome mob arena. Head to /warp minigames for some fun. Minigames are even more fun with friends!

- Name an oak sapling Bigtree (capital B) and plant it with one bonmeal in your inv and get a bigtree.
- Name a snowball Paintball (capital P) then throw it at any mob or player for a bit of fun.
- Name a snowball NoSnow and throw it. Snow surrounding your feet will melt.
- You may have a region for your ship on the ocean surrounding spawn. This region will be small, tightly hugging the sides of your ship to make room for other ships.